Valuable tips given during home inspections regarding water leakages

Valuable Tips Given During Home Inspections Regarding Water Leakages

Valuable tips given during home inspections regarding water leakages

Valuable tips given during home inspections regarding water leakages

What is the primary cause of leakages and seepages in any house? Any home buyer should investigate these aspects before purchasing the house. The best persons who can help them in this regard are the home inspectors in Kankakee County. It is mandatory for you to do a thorough house inspection and check for the leakages.

Overflowing gutters are the biggest areas of concern. Cleaning them is imperative. The home inspections in Cook County can help you by providing valuable guidance to the prospective buyers. You can do with some of the best tips in this regard. You should be aware of the consequences of not cleaning the gutters in time.

Leaks in gutters:

Repairing gutter lines is most important especially before winter sets in. There can be accumulation of leaves, bird droppings, insect waste, and many more ingredients leading to choking of the gutters. Your gutter will not be able to bear this excess weight and can develop leaks at its joints. These leaks can cause water to flow over the walls of the building thereby providing a perfect breeding ground for moss and molds. 

Leaking roofs:

A clogged gutter can lead to water overflowing on the terrace. This accumulation of water can encourage growth of molds and moss. It weakens the terrace flooring and can result in to water seepage inside your house. Usually, you find concealed electrical wiring in homes today. This seepage can very well find its way through the electrical wiring passages and cause short circuits leading to greater damage. 

Damaged basements: 

One of the serious consequences of not cleaning your gutter lines is that water does not flow into the drains. It overflows over the side of the building and enters the basement. The accumulation of water in the basement can again cause gas leaks, electrical short circuits, and damage to property. In addition, this stinking water can become the breeding ground for insects such as roaches and other dangerous pests. They might eventually find their way into your homes causing you great discomfort.

Weaken foundation:

Stagnant water can be very dangerous. It can easily eat into your foundation and weaken the entire structure. Many houses have wooden foundations. Stagnant water is the biggest enemy of wood. It can rot and decay thereby weakening the structure. Iron foundations can also develop rust and result in erosion. Cleaning gutters ensures easy drainage of water. Foundations can also develop cracks eventually leading to entry of mold inside your houses.

Invitation to insects:

You are welcoming insects and pests into your home if you do not clean your gutters regularly. Unclean gutters are the perfect breeding ground for insects like roaches, spiders, carpenter ants, and other dangerous pests. Stagnant water invites mosquitoes leading to outbreak of diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. Termites can also have a field day in these unclean gutters. You end up spending a lot of money in medical care as well as in eliminating these pests. Cleaning the gutters regularly would have nipped this issue in the bud. 

We shall look at some more tips in the forthcoming blogs. This is the advantage of having home inspections in Will County. You learn a lot of home maintenance.



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